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Animac on Tour this summer

Animac on Tour will visit Lo Cercacurts de Montornès de Segarra this weekend, and will be in Alicante, Juneda and Lleida during July, as part of the program of Summer Nights

Following the tradition, the travelling version of Animac –Animac on Tour- will visit different Catalan and Spanish cities and villages in order to spread the best animated cinema. A selection of shorts screened during the Festival, which are taken to audiovisual and cultural events in a summer context. The program is available in two different versions: Little Animac (aimed at a familiar and young audience) and Reality 2.0 (for everybody).     

This Saturday 6th July (9:00 pm, Lounge-bar room) the screening of Little Animac on Tour will take place in the 7th Festival of Shorts of Montornès de Segarra, Lo Cercacurts. This tiny and idyllic locality of the region of cercavins (La Segarra) celebrates its singular festival of shorts from the 5th to 14th July.  The village changes its quiet physiognomy to become the meeting point of the cinema lovers with a rural theme.

Friday 12th July, the same program will reach its 5th edition of Curt al pap, a national festival of shorts that is celebrated since 2009 in the small city of Parcent (Alicante), which counts with a great influence of creation connected with nature and the countryside.

Saturday 13th July (9:00 pm, Art Centre), Animac on Tour Reality 2.0 will take place as part of the program that the Centre of Art of Juneda organises.

Finally, the month will finish at home: Friday 26th (22:00 pm at La Llotja square), in the program Summer Nights that the local government organises, with the version of Little Animac. 

So far, Animac on Tour has visited the Festival Imaginaria of Binéfar, and will be on tour throughout the year with more than 30 sessions confirmed in the Spanish territory and 31 in other Latin-American countries. The same 26th July the Latin-American tour in Santiago de Chile at the Cultural Centre of Spain is confirmed. 

More information on Little Animac on Tour and Reality 2.0 available at:

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