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ANIMAC, a travelling tour to reach everyone
Animac Walks takes place annually at the end of the Festival. It consists of a group made of the latest films and provides continuity for schools / institutions who wish to watch them.

The Festival as such only lasts for a few days, but once the doors are closed, there is a small part, the most representative, which is going on tour in order to find public willing to enjoy themselves. That is when Animac Walks takes action. Of all the films scheduled, the same artistic direction chooses the selection of films giving form to two different programs. Each program is about an hour long and has been designed taking different audiences and territories into account, and with the main goal of spreading the art of animation in other festivals, theater programs and other cultural events. This year, ANIMAC Walks includes various sessions aimed at different audiences: Little Animac Walks, for young audiences, and International Animac Walks, which offers the best proposals of animation from around the world, previously presented in ANIMAC.


There are two different programs available:


+ 12

Fresh Guacamole, PES, EUA, 2012, 2 minutes.
Feral, Daniel Sousa, EUA, 2012, 13 minutes.
Sharaf, Hanna Heilborn, Sweden, 2012, 13 minutes.
Bajo la almohada, Isabel Herguera, Spain, 2012, 8 minutes.
The people who never stop, Florien Piento, France, 2012, 3 minutes.
Lipsett diaries, Theodore Ushev, Canada, 2010, 14 minutes.
Les mots de la carpe, Lucrèce Andreae, France, 2012, 4 minutes.
Reality 2.0, Víctor Orozco, Mexico, 2012, 11 minutes.


+3 (aimed at families and young public)

How to eat your apple, Erick Oh, South Korea, 2011, 2 minutes.
The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg, EUA, 2012, 17 minutes.
Ride of passage, Christian Bøving-Andersen, Denmark, 2011, 5 minutes.
Grand prix, Marc Riba i Anna Solanas, Spain, 2011, 7 minutes.
Krake, Regina Welker, Germany, 2012, 9 minutes.
Fear of Flying, Conor Finnegan, Ireland, 2012, 9 minutes.
Shave it, Fernando Maldonado i Jorge Tereso, Argentina, 2012, 4 minutes.
Prinz Ratte, Albert Radl, Germany, 2011, 15 minutes.


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