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Animac 4 seasons

Animac Workshops

Animation cinema with STOP MOTION in the care of Joan Pena

Friday 17th February. From 16 to 21 h
Saturday 16th February. From 10th to 12th h
Place: Palma. Centre of Youth Resources
Open to young people from 13 to 30 years old

The terms WhatsApp, Line or Skype are part of our everyday vocabulary, and even more between young people, who are more used to using a wide variety of resources that the new technologies of communication offer. This is the reason why we think that this world is a good starting point and a perfect reference to make of this animation workshop an interesting and attractive experience.  

Joan Pena
Production, illustration and design of scenographies.Works on different scenographic projects at Universal Port Aventura, Hojarasca Theatre of Burgos, Transeduca of Barcelona, Zum Zum Theatre, among others. Produces different works of video-creation such as Lo que queda del día, Geomedia and Roig, as well as video-clips and audiovisual supports for Zuma, Crazy notes and Mister Jones. Illustrations for Makoki magazine, the publicity agency Bakup and animations for the agencies Cantalup, Tartera & Lavilla and others.



La pel·lícula del demà workshop by Isabel Herguera

From the 18th to the 22th February
For students of the Illustration course of EAM

La pel·lícula del demà
The proposal for the workshop La pel·lícula del demà is inspired by the words of Françoise Truffat “the young film-makers will express themselves in first person and will explain how it has happened to them: it could be story of their first love…”. The future is today and honouring the French master will follow his advice and La Pel·lícula del demà will be about the first kiss. We will create the animation from a previously composed soundtrack.

Isabel Herguera
Graduated in Fine Arts by the University of the Basque Country she carries on her studies in the Arts Academy of Düsseldorf as a student of the artist Nam June Paik. She is also taking a Master in Animation in the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. In 1997, she founded a studio of animation with Satinder Singh: Loko Pictures, in which several publicity projects were produced for clients such as HBO, FOX International and Proctor and Gamble among others. She has given different courses and imparted workshops in the California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles (USA), in the International School of Cinema and Television of San Antonio de las Baños (Cuba) and in the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) of Beijing (China). From 2005, she has been invited to the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad (India), where she gives a course of animation production annually. From 2007, she designs and coordinates the program of Laboratorio de Imagen en Movimiento from ARTELEKU (San Sebastian). Moreover, her short film La gallina ciega (2005) was nominated to the Goya 2006 awards and her last work Bajo la Almohada (2012) won the Unicef awards in Zinebi-Festival of short films and documentaries of Bilbao 2012.



Animation and documentary workshop by Marcelo Dematei

Wednesday 10th April. From 16 to 19 h.
Thursday 11th April. From 10 to 13 h.
For students of Audiovisual Communication of the University of Lleida.

Animation and documentary
From natures, different a priory, today we see how many works appear in alternative tracks, but also commercial, about animated documentaries. To the enormous production, the creation of festivals, specific courses and theoretical publications related to the topic are added. The unification of the technical basis from the use of digital technologies has been one of the elements that contributed to the diffusion of the phenomenon. However, the animated documentary and the language resources needed already existed. We will try to show how they are combined from the specificities of each of them and how the language resources can articulate less evident discourses than the ones we are used to see in the commercial and massive audiovisual. We will also see the presence of the animated documentary or the documentary animation in the new devices and how new syntactic structures are used.     

Marcelo Dematei
Artist, designer and investigator. Director of the Master on Animation through computers and specialised investigator on issues such as virtual characters and automatic animation of the University Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona (2002-2011). In his artistic projects, he focuses on the confluence of art and technology and its structures of language, body, movement and representation. In the theoretical and teaching production he supplies areas such as design, animation and new technologies or the languages and archaeology of the media. As a designer, illustrator and art director, he has worked in different fields, from the editorial and audio-visual to the multimedia. Currently, he develops cross-media projects in his own study and is producing the first season of his animated documentary series + interactive web platform “Contes Vells” for RTVC-Señalcolombia. He has shown projects, given classes and lectures in different universities and institutions o Europe and Latino America. PhD candidate in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.  



And after the show... Animac on the move!

The travelling version of Animac starts with a collection of International Short Films and Little Animac.

Animac itself only lasts for a few days, but once it has closed, there is a small – but perhaps the most representative – part, which goes on tour to where there is public interest and people to enjoy it. That is when Animac really is on the move.


From all the films scheduled, the artistic director chooses a selection of different programmes, each lasting about an hour, which are meant for different audiences and territories. These programmes are designed to spread the art of animation to other festivals, cinema programmes and cultural events.

This year, Animac on the Move includes several sessions aimed at different audiences: on one hand, Little Animac on the Move is aimed at youngsters, while International Animac on the Move includes the best of animated cinema from around the world that has been presented at Animac.

973 700 325
Av. Blondel, 64, Lleida

Animac on the Move is a production of Animac and the Transversal Network


Pixels, Patrick Jean, França, 2010, 3min.         
Gipfel–Gig, Lukas Egger i Bernhard Bamert, Suïssa, 2011, 6min.      
A Morning Stroll, Grant Orchard, Regne Unit, 2011, 7min.     
Kuhina, Joni Männistö, Finlàndia, 2011, 7min.     
Eye Liner, Jane Priestley, EUA, 2011, 4min.     
Luminaris, Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina, 2011, 6min.     
Stuck in a Groove, Clemes Kogler, Àustria, 2009, 4min.     
Second Hand, Isaac King, Canadà, 2011, 7min.     
Romance, Georges Schwizgebel, Suïssa, 2010, 7min.     
Les Ventres, Phillipe Grammaticopoulos, França, 2009, 17min.    
Vespres Verds (Mishima) Nueveojos i Andrés Hispano, Espanya, 2012, 3min. 



The Gruffalo, Jakob Schuh i Max Lang, Regne Unit, 2011, 27 min.       
The Gruffalo’s Child, Johannes Weiland, Regne Unit, 2011, 26 min.   

La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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