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Sunday, 3 / 12.30 h / La Llotja Sala Ricard Viñes

Theodore Ushev

Born in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, Theodore Ushev first made a name for himself as a poster artist in his native country before settling in Montreal, in 1999. Since then he quickly acquired a reputation as a prolific and gifted animator through films such as Tzaritza (2006) and The Man Who Waited (2006). In 2005, he began work on a trilogy that explores drifts in ideologies and artistic sensibilities in the 20th century: Tower Bawher (2006) and Drux Flux (2008), in particular, met with great success. He then made the critically acclaimed film, Lipsett Diaries (2010), an imagined biography of the celebrated Canadian experimental filmmaker. Ushev's most recent films are the animated documentary, Yannick-Nézet-Séguin: No Intermission (2010) and Nightingales in December (2011).


Theodore Ushev’s rich work has never lost sight of its Slavic origins. Pieces such as Tower Bawher or Drux Flux feature stunning chronicles of technological growth -and collapse- rooted in the aesthetics of Russian constructivism and abstract geometries. Ushev is also a powerful musical director, able to visually translate the soundtrack of a film with rhythmic animations and synesthetic effects. So we should not be surprised by his decision to reinterpret the work of Arthur Lipsett in the brilliant animated documentary The Lipsett Diaries (2010). They share an affinity for drawing visual collages at a rapid pace, working frame by frame on complex and highly detailed sound montages. Tracking his filmography, we can also find expressionist marks, always at the service of personal, intimate and committed narration: ingredients expressed in shorts such as The Man Who Waited, Tzaritza, Nightmales in December or his recent Joda (nominated for the Jutra Awards), in which Ushev defends the imprisoned Iranian animation filmmaker Jafar Pahani.


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