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Sunday 3, 12:30 h / La Llotja, Sala Leandre Cristòfol

Theodore Ushev

The Bulgarian-Canadian Theodore Ushev (Kyustendil, 1968) studied animation at Plovdiv and graphic design at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, the city where he worked as a designer. In 1999 he moved to Montreal and created the experimental website Mortadellatv, which has received more than 100 awards all over the world. Ushev himself says that he became a professional animator by chance but has achieved a prolific career with the support of the National Film Board of Canada, with the short films Vertical (2003), The Man Who Waited (2006), Tower Bawher (2006) and Drux Flux (2008). The animated documentary The Lipsett Diaries (2010) received a Genie Award for the best short animated film of 2011.


I like my job as a film programmer because it involves sharing movies that excite me. The impact of watching The Lipsett Diaries (2010) encouraged me to find out more about Theodore Ushev, the artist with a Bulgarian name living in Canada. The film is based on the life of the brilliant experimental filmmaker Arthur Lipsett, with an extraordinary script by the eccentric writer/historian Chris Robinson, music by David Bryant, Set Fire to Flames and The Besnard Lakes, and a narrative and art direction more characteristic of a master than a young filmmaker.

Thanks to the availability of his work on DVD, I discovered his other interesting films, which are multiplying at an incredible rate, bearing in mind that releasing an animation short every year is quite an achievement. This year’s Animac, devoted to non-fiction in animation, welcomes Theodore Ushev, a young, prolific creator with an extraordinary talent.

Carolina López. Director of Animac

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