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Michèle Lemieux. The pinscreen comes to life

Saturday 2, 16 h. La Llotja - Sala Leandre Cristòfol

The pinscreen was invented and developed by Alenxander Alexeieff (1901-1982) and Claire Parker (1906-1981) at the National Film Board of Canada. This unique and laborious technique consists of a screen full of needles which can move inward or outward. These needles create a relief, which lights up from the sides, creating a play of light and shadows that are recorded after each movement picture to picture.

The historic screen by Alexeieff and Parker was later used by the animator Jacques Drouin, from which Michèle Lemieux has learned the technique. Here and the Great Elswhere is the second short of this renowned illustrator and her first incursion into this technique. In her exquisite work she deals with existential issues where external and internal worlds merge using lyricism. Michèle Lemieux will talk about the pinscreen technique, underused but which offers results with images that create mysterious atmospheres and beautiful chiaroscuros.



La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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