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Media Antena Catalunya Day in Animac

Friday 1, 16 h. La Llotja - Sala Leandre Cristòfol

It is a pleasure for Animac to shelter this year the conference by Media Antena Catalunya about funding lines and other topics of interest to business owners and entrepreneurs. The event is part of the new opening of the Exhibition in the animation industry. The exportation of Catalan animation is much higher than any other product in the country and Europe, apart from a market, is also a place to find co-production partners.

It is an open conference not only to professionals, but also to the emergent talent, as the presentation of Media Antena Catalunya at Animac will provide tools for professionals and future professionals to have a better understanding of the mechanisms of funding, interesting subsidies and other grants offered in Europe through the Information Office of the MEDIA Program of the European Union, Media Atena Catalunya.

Access is free, but prior registration here is essential.



15:45h – 16:00h Opening and delivery of materials

16:00h – 16:45h Explanation of the MEDIA grant for the diffusion in TV (TV Broadcasting), by Helen Brown, Director of MEDIA Antena Catalunya. Question time.

16:45h – 17:30h Study of a case: ANOTHER DAY OF LIFE, with the MEDIA help to the development of individual projects (Single Project), under the care of Manuel Cristóbal, executive producer. Question time.

17:30h – 18:15h Study of a case: ASK LARA, a successful animation nominated to the Emmy Awards, under the care of Mercedes Marro, President of Tomavistas. Question Time.

18:15h – 18:30h Closing and announcement of the competition MEDIA Antena Catalunya/Sources2.



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