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Andy Glynne and Mosaic Films

Friday 1, 20.30 h. La Llotja, Sala Ricard Viñes

Before becoming director of Mosaic Films, Glynne founded DFG Films, a production company that was almost the first to bring the concept of animated documentary in the UK. Trained as a clinical psychologist, he has made films that explore issues related to health and mental health. He is also director of the Documentary Filmmakers Group, the British national organization that promotes innovation and supports new talent in creating animated documentaries. Currently, he is finishing the book that will be entitled Documentaries and How to Make Them.

Glynne will explain how a documentary film producer (Mosaic Films) can reach the great public through two animated series for the BBC: Animated Minds and Seeking Refuge. Glynne has seen the advantages of animation to treat sensitive issues such as mental health or problems of refugee children and offer a direct and personal speakerphone while serving oneself with a creative shield. Currently, Glynne is working on the animated documentary Nothing to Envy, on the systematic violation of human rights in North Korea, a project funded through crowdfunding.




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