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28 February to 3 March. 10 am to 8 pm h. Animacrea Space

Animacrea is born to be the heart of Animac. An attractive space open to everyone, where you can stroll through and experience the different animation techniques.
Animacrea hosts the workshops, Open Screen and exhibitors of animation products.


Animacrea Workshops


Animation Workshops.

Open Screen

 Free screenings at the Animacrea Space.


Dalibor Baric:                        
New Hippie Future, 2011, 4’                         
The Mind from Nowhere, 2010, 9’23                        
You, who only exist in the darkest recess of my own brooding mind, 2010, 4’44                         
Pain so light that appears as tickle, 2010, 4’05                               
The Spectres of Veronica,  2011, 7’24

Once it Started it Could Not End Otherwise (Kelly Sears, 2011, 7’30)                              
This Darkness (Kelly Sears, 2007, 3’50)                             
Voice on the Line (Kelly Sears, 2009, 6’45)

OPEN SHORTS                                                                 
Two, Steven Subotnick, EUA, 2011, 2'30"   
Predator!!, Jilli Rose, Switzerland, 2012, 8'15" 2        
Sinzan nite, Ayumu Arisaka, Japan, 2012, 11'           
Oro parece, Anja Dornieden, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Germany, 2011, 6'         
The animation tag attack, diversos autors, Denmark, 2012, 9'58"          
Cinemàcules, Roc Albalat, Spain, 2011, 8'35"   
Sync, Max Hattler, Denmark, 2010, 9'       
Vint anys de dolor, Dani Fornaguera 8         
Skogstokig, Kristina Frank, Sweden, 2011, 6'           
Dawn Of The Rainbow, Katie Goodwin, United Kingdom, 2011, 3'30"  
Estrella fugaz, Mercedes C Peris, Spain, 2012, 37"      
氣息 - 台南, Lin Ching-Hsuan, Taiwan, 2012, 6'26"
Sorceress, Patrick Jenkins, Canada, 2012, 9'        
F.I.T., Marcin Gizycki, Poland, 2012, 3'       
Fliper, Darko Vidackovic, Croatia, 2012, 7'30"        
Koffie, Sjaak Rood, Netherlands, 2012, 5'40"      
Sisters, Lea Vidakovic, Belgium, 2012, 7'31"
Exibison, Tollis Marielle, Frace, 2011, 2'50"          
The conversation, César Pesquera, Spain, 2012, 2'48"
Halloween 1977, Greg Jackson, Canada, 2012, 2'22"        
Jailbreak, Guusje Kaayk, Netherlands, 2012, 2'39"         
Indoctrination, Michael Salkeld, United Kingdom, 2012, 3'23"     
A Direct Film Farewell, Oerd van Cuijlenborg, Netherlands, 2012, 5' 39"          
Treppenwitz, Ivan Orkeny, EUA, 2012, 12'                     
Sunny afternoon, Thomas Renoldner, Switzerland, 2012, 6'50" 25

Portfolio Sessions


Friday and Saturday. At 11 am.

A meeting place between creators, emerging professionals and professionals already established in the animation industry to review and share projects. Free activity, limited according to availability of mentors. Free activity and limited to the availability of the mentor. Prior registration necessary at Animac will contact with those who are selected before the festival.

The time of the interview will be limited to 30', so we recommend those selected to presentation that does not exceed 15'.

Breakfast with the creators

Friday, Saturday and Sunday. At 10 am.

An opportunity for students interested in animation to get to know the creators and their works, while drinking a coffee.

 Free activity, open to everybody.

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