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La Tumba de las Luciernagas

Isao Takahata / Japan / 1988 / 88’

The summer of 1945. The Empire of the Rising Sun wobbles under the constant aerial attacks by the allies. This is the story of Seita and her young sister Setsuko, two children that were born in the wrong moment and the wrong place. After losing mother and home in one of the bombings, and facing the impossibility of contacting their father, an official of the Japanese Imperial Navy, the two children try to survive alone in a world which does not even have the basic resources to sustain them. Hidden in an abandoned anti-aircraft refuge, Seita begins to steal food to feed his sick sister. Their tragic struggle for survival becomes an ode to the human spirit and an emotive homage to the forgotten.


Sunday 3, 20:30 h / La Llotja, Sala Ricard Viñes

La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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