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Animac by Night

Open night screen

Thursday 28, february
23.30 h / Cafè del Teatre

The rhythm of Animac, where music is the protagonist. Music videos and the latest short films from three of the greats of animated visuals: Max Hatler, César Pesquera and Adrian Lockmann. And to finish, two humorous underground pieces.




Templeton, El murmullo

Friday 1, March
23 h / Cafè del Teatre

After the release of the first album in 2009, Templeton became one of the great surprises of the Madrid underground scene. After three years they now present El murmullo, produced by Paco Loco. They are the voice of the soundtrack of Hora de Aventuras.




Manos de Topo, Escapar con el anticiclón

Saturday 2, March
23 h / Cafè del Teatre

Escapar con el anticiclón is their most complete work, which opens a new path for the band, substituting elements as identifiable as the acoustic guitar, the Casio keyboard and the xylophone with layers of electric guitar and keyboards, giving a new dimension to the harmonies and almost unique imaginary of the group. The vocalist, Miguel Ángel Blanca, sings the theme of the series Arròs Covat.


La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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